21June2014 ~ L all ready for dress rehearsal

Last weekend was "dance recital" weekend.  L had dance rehearsal on Saturday and her show on Sunday.  She loved every moment.  Every where we looked there were little girls with make up on.  L wanted me to put some on, but she knew I won't do it.  She was still adorable.

It's a production.  Saturday was full dress rehearsal and photos.  Sunday was the recital.  There was 60 acts.  L was number 9.  I don't know if we would have lasted the whole show.

L was not shy at all about getting her photos taken.   She loves the stage.   We've told her she could continue with the performing arts, but she also had a do a team sport.  Of course, the sports she listed was not much of a team sport…swimming and gymnastics.
 22June2014 ~ Daddy and his girls

Alexa was good sport the whole weekend.  She had her moments, but for the most part was well behave.  During L's performance, Alexa kept pointing to the stage and yelling, "Lyla, Lyla."  The folks sitting behind us got a kick out of it.

While L was getting into her dress, Alexa started to take her clothes off.  She wanted to dance as well.


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