Water Park 2

Part II of our water park adventure.  Day 2  and 3

L and A loved the water park.  L is the perfect age for this park.  I think Kahuna Laguna caters to the younger kids, but big kids like Dave had just as much fun.

L loved being with Daddy and Lexi.

And, Lexi just loved doing down.  I love the expressions on Dave and Lexi.  Dave is trying to keep water out of his mouth and Lexi is grinning and looks just content.

L was bubbling with happiness the three days we were at the water park.

Lexi had a turn all by herself down the slide.  I'm not sure she liked it as much as going down with Daddy and L.

After a turn with me on down the slide, L wanted to keep going down.  She was too afraid to tackle it the first day and only went down it once.   I got her to go down with me and then she was hooked.  We just had to find the right sitting position so she can see where she was going.  From there it was up and down the slide.  Dave's feet were sore after going up 4 flights of stairs for each turn for 6 hours.

Keeping Lexi busy…life jackets.  Lexi loves to buckle things.  It's like a puzzle for her.  She spent a lot of time standing in one place.  Like clock work she also required a mid day nap which last for more than 2 hours…until I just had to wake her.  

On the day we left, Lexi and I hung out in the room and on the balcony while L and Dave enjoyed the last morning at the water park.

I think it's almost time for a hair cut.

It was a great week and both girls were tired by the end of it.   L was in Maine with Ba and Ong Noi until Wednesday.  We then went to the North Conway.  L had gymnastics, Sunday school and a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Dave took the girls since it's not my favorite place.


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