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Bridal Shower

17May2014 ~ The happy couple and the bride to be's grandmother
L, A and I attended a bridal shower for my future sister in law.  It was a beautiful day in the most wonderful setting.  The girls ate a lot of sugar and had a blast.

 The girls coloring…A waiting for the food.

A had a lot of sugar…can you tell with the blue mouth and happy face.

L helping with the games.

Sister Love!

Helping unwrap the presents.

More treats for A.  She couldn't stop eating.


11May2014 ~ We've started our garden this weekend.   L was excited and A wanted to do what big sister was doing.

When big sister took her sweater off, A had to as well.  It was a sweet Mother's Day.  I didn't have to cook breakfast and Dave and the girls put thought into what they were going to do for me.

We spent most of the day working on the garden.

L built her fairy garden bed and then helped me build the bigger raised beds.  One of our 2x4 beds started to rot away so we used cedar kits from Home Depot.

It's never too early to teach L how to use power tools.  Plus, she loves to use them.

 Once the beds were built, L went to the carnival with Dave for a bit.  A went with me to get Pho.  After we all got back, L and I went to the garden center to pick out plants for her garden.

Once at the garden center, I told L she could pick out a sun annual for her garden.  She didn't want me help and asked me to stay away while she picked it out.

Working on her garden.


Water Park 2

Part II of our water park adventure.  Day 2  and 3
L and A loved the water park.  L is the perfect age for this park.  I think Kahuna Laguna caters to the younger kids, but big kids like Dave had just as much fun.

L loved being with Daddy and Lexi.

And, Lexi just loved doing down.  I love the expressions on Dave and Lexi.  Dave is trying to keep water out of his mouth and Lexi is grinning and looks just content.

L was bubbling with happiness the three days we were at the water park.

Lexi had a turn all by herself down the slide.  I'm not sure she liked it as much as going down with Daddy and L.

After a turn with me on down the slide, L wanted to keep going down.  She was too afraid to tackle it the first day and only went down it once.   I got her to go down with me and then she was hooked.  We just had to find the right sitting position so she can see where she was going.  From there it was up and down the slide.  Dave's feet were sore after going up 4 flights of stairs for …