Warmer Weather

  12April2014 ~  Outdoor fun

With the warmer weather, we spent the weekend outdoor.  It all started on Friday night.  L won't come in until we forced her too.  From the moment we woke up on Saturday, we were all outside until L had to go to gymnastic and then it was outdoor again until we headed out to dinner.  When we got back after 8pm, L wanted to stay out again.

After 5 days of 102+ degree fever and a couple of more days of on the mend, A wanted out as well.  She is a mad baby.   She climbed up the swing set into the playhouse like it was no big deal.  She would swing back and forth, as you can see from above.  She went down the slide feet first, head first and on her belly.

You see my belly mama?!?


After watching L ride her bike, A put the helmet on and wanted to ride. 

Then A got upset when L won't let her rider the bike.  

L loves to play with the neighbors.   


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