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Water Park

23April2014 ~ Red Jacket Resort, Kahuna Laguna, North Conway, NH
These photos says it all…lots of smiling face.  Our time at the water park, after picking L up from Maine, was a blast.

As Dave says, "it's like the girls turn into rabid animals.  They refuse to eat and sleep."

 A wanting to go down the slides in a tube…sorry kid, your too small.

I think Dave had a good time.  Can you see L?  After the first two times, they figured out how to have L sit in the tube so she could see.  From then long, they climb the stairs for five hours.  L did not want to leave. 
 L also loved the wave pool.

A's favorite was the green slide.  Part of day 2 and 3 in my next post.


20April2014 ~ Easter egg hunt
L's favorite part of Easter is waking up to the egg hunt.  She didn't give her sister a chance to collect many.  A didn't seem to care.  As always she's just like to roam and see what everyone is doing.  
A's "baby" is never too far away from her.   It makes her happy.

 L was excited the Easter Bunny brought the light up sneakers she's been wanting for the past year.
 A wanted some chocolate.

Sister love.  As I write this, I'm think of their hugs and kisses before bed.  Then it was joking around with one other…the house was filled with their laugher.

Yes, chocolate.

Warmer Weather

12April2014 ~  Outdoor fun
With the warmer weather, we spent the weekend outdoor.  It all started on Friday night.  L won't come in until we forced her too.  From the moment we woke up on Saturday, we were all outside until L had to go to gymnastic and then it was outdoor again until we headed out to dinner.  When we got back after 8pm, L wanted to stay out again.

After 5 days of 102+ degree fever and a couple of more days of on the mend, A wanted out as well.  She is a mad baby.   She climbed up the swing set into the playhouse like it was no big deal.  She would swing back and forth, as you can see from above.  She went down the slide feet first, head first and on her belly.

You see my belly mama?!?

After watching L ride her bike, A put the helmet on and wanted to ride. 

Then A got upset when L won't let her rider the bike.  

L loves to play with the neighbors.   


30March2014 ~ friendship
I finally downloaded photos.  L had her best friend, T over for a playmate.  They were sharing secrets and just laughing.

Everything is funny to her and it's fun to watch her grow.

There was a lot of giggling.  These girls love each other and enjoy each other's company.  I'm happy L has a friend she can share things with.  They share barrettes, headbands and jewelry.  Unfortunately they are starting to share make up as well.  I came home one night and L came out to greet me with her lips all done up.   She was told to return it and to take it off.  Then she asked me if I would get her some lipstick…it's too soon.