Think Spring - Fairy Garden

16March2014 ~ tv watching.  A doesn't care for milk.

I was surprised to see the contrast between L's hair and skin now that her hair is shorter {in the morning light}.

L and I are having cabin fever and feeling like Spring needs to come now.  I have plans for the garden now that A is very mobile.  The garden needs to be redesigned so she can help.  And, she will want to help.

L wants to build a fairy garden.  We spent most of yesterday creating various items for the garden.

Hard at working painting the fairy door.

Pulling the door together.

We collected twigs around the yard to make outdoor furniture for the fairies.  

She picked out the colors for the door and painted and glued stars which will hand much like a garland in the garden.

The door…we talked about stairs for the fairies.  L says we don't need stairs to the door because fairies can fly.

L wants enough seating for 10 people.  I told her 10 was lot, so she said, "9 would work."

Doors from popsicle sticks, windows from curtain rings and furniture out of twigs.

We talked about what we would name various things.  L calls planning the garden, "Operation Fairy Dust."  We talked about where the fairies lived.  She wanted 17 as the house number.  I suggested 29 for our house.  L said we already live at 29 so I suggested 29A and she suggested 29F.  I was a little slow on the F and had to ask…"F for fairies."

L planted some grass in a little pot and we're going to paint gnomes on rocks.  We have other ideas, but we'll need to get to the beach.  We're thinking drift wood and beach rocks will go well in the garden.


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