Having Fun

22March2014 ~ my wild child

L celebrated with her "best friend" TT who turned 6 {L has several best friends}.  Pump It Up seems to be the place to be for a 6 year old.  This is the third time we've been here for birthday parties since the fall…twice within two weeks.

A got play this time because Dave came with us.  The last time it was just us girls and I was spending my time trying to keep my eyes on L and running after A.

Warning…lots of photos below.

A went down the slide once and was hooked.  She wanted to keep going.  I was surprised she wasn't afraid even though it was pretty steep.

L wanted to go faster.

I love A's expression at the end of each ride…she was HAPPY.  There's joy and excitement in her face.

Not sure who had more fun…L or Dave.

Then L wanted to take  A down.  I wasn't sure of it, but L hung onto A.

After an hour and a half of bouncy fun, the kids enjoyed pizza and cake.

L was very territorial with A..."She's my sister."  L was a little bratty, but I' glad to see she's protective of A.  A had more fun this weekend, when she went to a birthday party for her friend.  It was at another bouncy house location.  Dave took her since I was with L at swim lessons.  We had to split our time.  Dave took the car in for some work while I took L to gymnastics then swim lessons.  Saturday was crazy and required a lot of coordination. 


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