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Having Fun

22March2014 ~ my wild child
L celebrated with her "best friend" TT who turned 6 {L has several best friends}.  Pump It Up seems to be the place to be for a 6 year old.  This is the third time we've been here for birthday parties since the fall…twice within two weeks.

A got play this time because Dave came with us.  The last time it was just us girls and I was spending my time trying to keep my eyes on L and running after A.

Warning…lots of photos below.

A went down the slide once and was hooked.  She wanted to keep going.  I was surprised she wasn't afraid even though it was pretty steep.

L wanted to go faster.

I love A's expression at the end of each ride…she was HAPPY.  There's joy and excitement in her face.

Not sure who had more fun…L or Dave.

Then L wanted to take  A down.  I wasn't sure of it, but L hung onto A.

After an hour and a half of bouncy fun, the kids enjoyed pizza and cake.

L was very territorial with A..."She's my sister."…

Think Spring - Fairy Garden

16March2014 ~ tv watching.  A doesn't care for milk.

I was surprised to see the contrast between L's hair and skin now that her hair is shorter {in the morning light}.

L and I are having cabin fever and feeling like Spring needs to come now.  I have plans for the garden now that A is very mobile.  The garden needs to be redesigned so she can help.  And, she will want to help.

L wants to build a fairy garden.  We spent most of yesterday creating various items for the garden.

Hard at working painting the fairy door.
Pulling the door together.

We collected twigs around the yard to make outdoor furniture for the fairies.  

She picked out the colors for the door and painted and glued stars which will hand much like a garland in the garden.

The door…we talked about stairs for the fairies.  L says we don't need stairs to the door because fairies can fly.

L wants enough seating for 10 people.  I told her 10 was lot, so she said, "9 would work."

Doors from popsicle stick…

Going Short

15March2014 ~ swim lesson. 
Once down with the dumb bell.

Then it's swim on your own.

Now that L is swimming on her own, she needs to get her head wet.  The instructor had each of the children dunk their heads in the water.  L didn't care for it too much.  One step at a time.  She's finally swimming so the next step is for her to get her head under water.  She says she was a little afraid, but will try not to cry next week. We can accept that she cries as long as she does it.

Trying to get them to trust floating.

After swim lesson, L had a hair appointment.  She wanted to go short.

L was tired after swim lesson.  She was almost falling asleep while the hair dresser washed her hair.

She's looking older here.


15March2014 ~ early morning
I've finally replaced the camera lens I broke.  It's a new model and so I'm still playing with the settings.
I tried to get some of A, but she seems to not want to participate.

After breakfast…she needed a nap, but we're trying to take her morning nap away. Morning naps for us means we don't get out the house before 11 and then it's back to the house by 1 for A's afternoon nap.

Morning bath and she won't look at me as I took her photo.  Coaxing didn't help. 

L wanted to get in the shot and A somewhat tolerated it.

English Class

05March2014 ~ visiting
Parents of Lyla's kindergarten class were invited to observe English class on Wednesday.  English class is social studies and science for the kindergartners and is part of the 20% of their day that is not spoken in Spanish. It's interesting to see how the children interact.  They all had a story to tell about maps. It's amazing how the teachers keep them on track.  

Partner time…L tells me they get a new partner each week.

Our L is growing up too fast.    She now wants to take showers and puts her hair in pigtails each morning.  Her little sister just follows along wherever l goes.  This morning L was following along banging milk cartons together.  If she wasn't banging them, she was hitting L with them.