We Have a Swimmer

I'm ending my blog post catch up with a milestone post.   L's milestone…she finally swam on her own.  It took 23 lessons over a three year time period, but she finally did it.  Taking a break from swimming lessons and seeing A get in the pool was the trick.

The six week session ended yesterday and we'll probably sign L up for another 6 lessons. She was in the sea pony class and is ready for the sea horse class. The teacher thought maybe ready the tadpole class. The next thing for her would be to tackle the fear of putting her head in the water.

 Here are photos from the last lesson, this past Sunday.

A saying goodbye to her friends. 

A all smiles when she saw L and I walk towards her and Daddy

Bubble swim…L is quite happy in the water 

The float…she was a bit nervous of this one.  As one mom said of L swimming on her own, "she doesn't realize how good she is does she."


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