3March2014 ~ taking a bow.  L on the far left.
L performs in her play this weekend...The Wizard of Oz.  After months of rehearsal, they are performing to an audienace.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week the kids performed for their classmates.   L wore her costume to school both days and was happy she got to see the green cast perform the play on Tuesday afternoon.
I was there Monday to help with the play.  The drama club is run by board {a group of parents who all volunteer their time}.  For each child who wants to be in the club, their parents must volunteer some of their time.  We had to attend at least one rehearsal to help with the kids.  We then could volunteer to assist with other parts of the production.  I helped with costumes.  I must of sewn about 40 vests...Munchkins, Winkies and the Wizard of Oz.  
The Barbieri Elementary School drama club has about 180 members.  So that each child would get a chance to perform, the club was broken into to cast (green and blue).  They each will get to perform the play twice..Saturday and Sunday.
Huddle before the show on Monday

Munchkin scene...I was helping backstage with costumes, but was able to get away to see this.  Not the best photos from where I was.

Getting on stage to take their bow

L is ready for her next show.  I told her I would look into a theatre club or camp for her.  Her favorite thing about plays, "the singing, dancing and moving around."


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