Cookie Decorating Party

15February2014 ~ Cookie Decorating with Friends

We had a cookie decorating party with our neighbor friends.  With the limited space in our house, we have parties with groups of friends throughout the year. As you may remember, we did gingerbread houses with our daycare friends in December.  Since February was starting off busy, we decided to celebrate Valentines with our the kids L plays with in the neighborhood.  As always L, wanted to invite more than the usual 8 and mixing the groups of friends.

We started off making butterfly, owls or ladybug plate animals and then moved on to apron decorating. Some of the kids went a bit nuts with the paint so they were unable to wear the aprons.

Then the fun began…decorating the cookies.  They each got a big cookie shaped animal.  From there they could decorate the small cookies I had baked…hearts, starts, flowers, cupcakes, airplanes and dinosaurs.  I may have baked about 6 or 7 dozen cookies.  Some went to A's class for a Valentine project.

A's class decorated cookies for Valentines as well so I provide the cookies for her class.   L is missing from these photos because she napped the 2 hours L and her friends decorated cookies.  She woke up at the very end.

L is already planning the next party.   She wants her birthday party with all her friends and we can't forget the goody bags.


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