Celebrating 100 Days

01February2014 ~ Making  L's 100 day vest

The kindergarten kids at Barbieri Elementary had a busy 1st half of February.  On Wednesday of this week they celebrated 100 Days at Barbieri.  To celebrate, they each brought in a vest they made of 100 items.  We collected various items through out the house and L was excited she got to use the hot glue gun.

On Friday, they learned about hibernation and celebrated Friendship Day {Valentine's Day}.

For the hibernation celebration, the kindergarteners wore pjs to school, brought slippers, a blanket and a stuff bear.  Even thought we had all is on the refrigerator, I had forgotten.  L reminded me that morning that she needed to wear her pajamas to school.

Then it was the Friendship celebration.  L and I spent one day pulling all hers and A's valentines together.  L picked out the treats she wanted to give her friends and A's friends.

A mouth full of food and I had to take a picture before we forgot.  L had so much to tell me when I got home about her celebration.  She mentioned something about coming in first and getting a metal she had to leave at school.


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