22February2014 ~ Party time

A went to a birthday on Saturday for a 2 year old.  She was a wild child and was probably the worst acting child there.  She was pushing, hitting, throwing tantrums and couldn't wait her turn.

While A and I were at the party, Dave took L to Chuck E Cheese.  I'm not sure which one of us was luckier.  A tantrum throwing 17 month old or other parents' kids throwing tantrums.

23February2014 ~ neighborhood walk

Cabin fever was getting to the girls and since Sunday was so beautiful we went for a walk.  L wanted to get her too small bike out.

A wanted a turn on the bike.  It took a little distracting game to get A to move on and get home.

After our walk and lunch, L and I met her friends at Plaster Fun Time.  L had a blast.  When she got home, she told Dave she wanted her 7th birthday party there.  Of course, Dave asked her what about your 6th birthday party.   L told him she has it all ready planned…Plant Gymnastics!

While most of us would have a hard time answering any questions about our next 3 to 5 years plan, I don't think L would have a problem.  She seems to have her social life planned for the next few years.

On Tuesday night before bed, L wrote her friend a note asking her about a play date.  We've been waiting for the school directory to come out so we can have L's friends over to play.  The note had her name, our phone number and the word play date.


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