18 Months

A turned 18 months old today.  Our spunky little girls is small, but packed with loads of personality. She is starting to use her words.  Most of what comes out are the first two letters of the word. She says Lyla very clearly and loves her big sister.

She knows most of her major body parts...belly, head, feet, hand, eyes, ears and nose.  Time outs seems to play a big part now.  Even L gives her time outs.   A just doesn't listen to her big sister when she tells her she has to do a time out.  I give her an option to either walk away or do a time out.  Most times she'll pick walking away, but there are days where she will pick time outs. 

Elmo/Sesame Street seems to catch her attention now.  A still dances when she hears music and loves bedtime.

A telling me she wants a "nana," also known as "banana." 

Some of A's favorite things.

Favorite pass time: eating
Favorite food: strawberries, blueberries, smoothies, Pirate's Booty and chocolate
Favorite word : Lyla or baby
Go to book : Dr Suess's ABC
and her all time favorite: her blankie {sounds like baby when she says it}

Flying Lexi from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

A on the zip line at the birthday party.  She loved it.


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