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18 Months

A turned 18 months old today.  Our spunky little girls is small, but packed with loads of personality. She is starting to use her words.  Most of what comes out are the first two letters of the word. She says Lyla very clearly and loves her big sister.

She knows most of her major body parts...belly, head, feet, hand, eyes, ears and nose.  Time outs seems to play a big part now.  Even L gives her time outs.   A just doesn't listen to her big sister when she tells her she has to do a time out.  I give her an option to either walk away or do a time out.  Most times she'll pick walking away, but there are days where she will pick time outs. 

Elmo/Sesame Street seems to catch her attention now.  A still dances when she hears music and loves bedtime.

A telling me she wants a "nana," also known as "banana." 
Some of A's favorite things.

Favorite pass time: eating
Favorite food: strawberries, blueberries, smoothies, Pirate's Booty and chocolate
Favorite …


22February2014 ~ Party time

A went to a birthday on Saturday for a 2 year old.  She was a wild child and was probably the worst acting child there.  She was pushing, hitting, throwing tantrums and couldn't wait her turn.

While A and I were at the party, Dave took L to Chuck E Cheese.  I'm not sure which one of us was luckier.  A tantrum throwing 17 month old or other parents' kids throwing tantrums.

23February2014 ~ neighborhood walk
Cabin fever was getting to the girls and since Sunday was so beautiful we went for a walk.  L wanted to get her too small bike out.

A wanted a turn on the bike.  It took a little distracting game to get A to move on and get home.

After our walk and lunch, L and I met her friends at Plaster Fun Time.  L had a blast.  When she got home, she told Dave she wanted her 7th birthday party there.  Of course, Dave asked her what about your 6th birthday party.   L told him she has it all ready planned…Plant Gymnastics!

While most of us would have a h…

Snow Play

16February2014 ~ enjoying the snow

L loves to play in the snow.  A seems to enjoy it as well and doesn't even notice her fingers are frozen.

Watching Dave clean the snow off the roof.


Here's the video of L swimming on her own.  She wants Dave to sign her up for more swimming.
Lyla swims from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

We Have a Swimmer

I'm ending my blog post catch up with a milestone post.   L's milestone…she finally swam on her own.  It took 23 lessons over a three year time period, but she finally did it.  Taking a break from swimming lessons and seeing A get in the pool was the trick.

The six week session ended yesterday and we'll probably sign L up for another 6 lessons. She was in the sea pony class and is ready for the sea horse class. The teacher thought maybe ready the tadpole class. The next thing for her would be to tackle the fear of putting her head in the water.

 Here are photos from the last lesson, this past Sunday.

A saying goodbye to her friends. 

A all smiles when she saw L and I walk towards her and Daddy
Bubble swim…L is quite happy in the water 

The float…she was a bit nervous of this one.  As one mom said of L swimming on her own, "she doesn't realize how good she is does she."

Cookie Decorating Party

15February2014 ~ Cookie Decorating with Friends
We had a cookie decorating party with our neighbor friends.  With the limited space in our house, we have parties with groups of friends throughout the year. As you may remember, we did gingerbread houses with our daycare friends in December.  Since February was starting off busy, we decided to celebrate Valentines with our the kids L plays with in the neighborhood.  As always L, wanted to invite more than the usual 8 and mixing the groups of friends.

We started off making butterfly, owls or ladybug plate animals and then moved on to apron decorating. Some of the kids went a bit nuts with the paint so they were unable to wear the aprons.

Then the fun began…decorating the cookies.  They each got a big cookie shaped animal.  From there they could decorate the small cookies I had baked…hearts, starts, flowers, cupcakes, airplanes and dinosaurs.  I may have baked about 6 or 7 dozen cookies.  Some went to A's class for a Valentine proje…

Celebrating 100 Days

01February2014 ~ Making  L's 100 day vest
The kindergarten kids at Barbieri Elementary had a busy 1st half of February.  On Wednesday of this week they celebrated 100 Days at Barbieri.  To celebrate, they each brought in a vest they made of 100 items.  We collected various items through out the house and L was excited she got to use the hot glue gun.

On Friday, they learned about hibernation and celebrated Friendship Day {Valentine's Day}.

For the hibernation celebration, the kindergarteners wore pjs to school, brought slippers, a blanket and a stuff bear.  Even thought we had all is on the refrigerator, I had forgotten.  L reminded me that morning that she needed to wear her pajamas to school.

Then it was the Friendship celebration.  L and I spent one day pulling all hers and A's valentines together.  L picked out the treats she wanted to give her friends and A's friends.

A mouth full of food and I had to take a picture before we forgot.  L had so much to tell me w…

The Little Munchkins

08February2014 ~ L and her friend, T before the show.

The kids did a wonderful job performing the Wizard of Oz.  They arrived an hour before show time and the show was 2 hours long.

 Back stage before the show
Show time…the huddle 

Munchkin scene…the video is almost 12 minutes.  If you have a hard time viewing it here, try this link…YouTube.

Taking a bow
All the kids loved being on stage and the center of attention


3March2014 ~ taking a bow.  L on the far left. L performs in her play this weekend...The Wizard of Oz.  After months of rehearsal, they are performing to an audienace.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week the kids performed for their classmates.   L wore her costume to school both days and was happy she got to see the green cast perform the play on Tuesday afternoon. I was there Monday to help with the play.  The drama club is run by board {a group of parents who all volunteer their time}.  For each child who wants to be in the club, their parents must volunteer some of their time.  We had to attend at least one rehearsal to help with the kids.  We then could volunteer to assist with other parts of the production.  I helped with costumes.  I must of sewn about 40 vests...Munchkins, Winkies and the Wizard of Oz.   The Barbieri Elementary School drama club has about 180 members.  So that each child would get a chance to perform, the club was broken into to cast (green and blue).  They …