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Swim Lessons

12January2013 ~ First swim lessons

Lexiloo had her first swim lesson yesterday.  She seemed to enjoy it.  When I asked her if she liked the pool, she nodded yes.  Her favorite part was jumping into the pool to Daddy.

L and I watched from the bleachers.  The moment we sat down, L turned to me and asked if she could have lessons.  She didn't like watching from the side lines.


I watch these videos over and over of Lexiloo. The first video is the dance Lexiloo loves to do over and over again.  She's a shaker and a mover.

The second is a 15 second video of Lexiloo in 2013.  She is so cute. 

Now if we could only get her to sleep through the night without her waking up and wanting to crawl into bed with L.   We all sleep much better when Lexiloo isn't crying to get out of her crib and into someone else's bed {usually L's}.

Dress Up

03January2014 ~ Tinkerbelles
What does a 5 year old want to do when there's a snow day and it's too cold to go out dress up, of course.

Trying to get a 16 month old to play along is another story.  There was a lot of coaxing and screaming.  Lexiloo ran to corners saying, "nonononono."  She stares right at you as she is saying it.  There might have been some hitting as well...hitting her big sister.

All Lexiloo wanted to do was read.  Nothing was funnier than Lexlioo trying to grab her wings off.  She was going in circles trying to pull at the wings...much like a dog does with its tail.  In the end, the wings came off and she just sat and read.