22December2013 ~ After the show

Sunday…yes, finally a day of rest.  There's this sense of calm for me today.   L's play is done and most of our Christmas shopping is done.  Three weeks of on the go and all we have to do is relax and enjoy the holidays.  It's been three weeks full of things {since we've been back from NC} rehearsals 4 to 5 days a week, parties to attend, friends to entertain and gifts to buy and order.   I'm looking forward to having nothing to do.

It's sounds so funny to says and read…nothing to do!  I've accepted the fact our Christmas cards will not arrive until after the New Year and Lexiloo has destroyed any order we had in the house.   Well Lexiloo and the contractor we have doing some work on the house.  The contractor has done some great work, but is not very organize and projects are left half done going in to Christmas.    

L's show was last night and we were proud parents watching her up on stage.  The stage may be calling her name.  It was cute and all the children did a wonderful job.  I'll try to write a separate post on it.  Here are pictures from some of our activities.

13December2013 ~ Lexiloo woke feeling warm so I stayed home with her.  She was not too comfortable and I was hoping the cheerios and the tv would work…for about 5 minutes.

14December2013 ~ All dressed up and headed to the mall to visit Santa

15December2013 ~ Shoveling out last weekend

15December2013 ~ Cookie cutting, baking, decorating and lots of eating

Early morning rush

21December2013 ~ Rehearsal

21December2013 ~ L and two of her friends


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