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Then and Now

25December2013 ~ L age 5 1/2 and A age 15 months
What a big difference 1 year makes.  2013 was a great year.  A gained 12 new teeth while L lost two.  A went from being a baby to a toddler while L went from being a preschooler to a kindergartner.  Both girls have grown so much emotionally and physically.
24December2012 ~ L and A 1 year before
Both girls have their options about their clothes.  L wants to pick out her outfit and they have to be bright and girly.  Gone are the leggings and shirt…it's now all about tights and dresses.  And A, she prefers to wear nothing.  She hates to have clothes on.  As soon I we get her out of her clothes and into pajamas for bed, she's running off.  All you hear is, "non non non non non."
 25December2013 ~ I'll lay here
2013 was a fun year.  Welcome 2014, we're looking forward to even more growth and fun.


22December2013 ~ After the show
Sunday…yes, finally a day of rest.  There's this sense of calm for me today.   L's play is done and most of our Christmas shopping is done.  Three weeks of on the go and all we have to do is relax and enjoy the holidays.  It's been three weeks full of things {since we've been back from NC} rehearsals 4 to 5 days a week, parties to attend, friends to entertain and gifts to buy and order.   I'm looking forward to having nothing to do.

It's sounds so funny to says and read…nothing to do!  I've accepted the fact our Christmas cards will not arrive until after the New Year and Lexiloo has destroyed any order we had in the house.   Well Lexiloo and the contractor we have doing some work on the house.  The contractor has done some great work, but is not very organize and projects are left half done going in to Christmas.    
L's show was last night and we were proud parents watching her up on stage.  The stage may be ca…

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

16November2013 ~ Creating the invites
L had her gingerbread house decorating party today. 

The decoration and gingerbread houses were all prepped for the girls.  

The house elf was there to make sure the girls behaved.  Our elf's name is Fred.  He's hanging upside down in the lights in the above photo.

The girls had a house, a bowl of candy and apron.  There was also extra candy in the center.

M wearing the aprons on the circle side.  I made them to reverse from a pattern on Aesthetic Nest's blog.  

There was more candy eating then house decorating.  As usuals any party at our house includes a lot of candy…Oreo pops, candy cane chocolate Santas, cupcakes, hot chocolate and lots of candy.

Now we can focus on Christmas presents and L's play {she's a Shepard and an Angel in "A Christmas Carol." We might have found her calling.  She loves to be in plays and can't wait for rehearsals…even ones that are 4 days a week and 2-3 hours long.  I can see a chang…


28November2013 ~ Happy 15th month A
A turned 15 months old while we were in North Carolina celebrating Thanksgiving with Auntie Van, Uncle Tuan and Kids.  L had a blast playing with cousin L.  A was her usual sassy little self.  Mellow cousin C just chilled.