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Oh, Lexi

31October2013 ~  Lexiloo 
Going through my photos and saw these.  Oh, Lexi…you are a character…Full.Of.Personality.

Our little peanut {almost 15 months and she's just growing out of her nine months clothes}.  Yesterday, I went up to her room and found her superman style on her crib rail.  She saw me and swung herself back in.  

Drop in Art

03November2013 ~ Drop in Art at the Danforth Museum

The girls and I met up with friends for the monthly Drop in Art at the Danforth Museum.  It's our first time and I'll need to remember to go again.  A sat right on the art while the girls tried to work.  L had to wear her tutu, fairy wings and bring her wand with her to the event.  It was time to move on to the next room when A started to tear the art apart.

A and A teasing each other.  The second room was building something out of scraps.

The third room was drawing birds with cray pars.

We ran out of time and didn't make it to the fourth room.    Two hours was long enough for me on a Sunday afternoon.


01November2013 ~ A loves to color before daycare.  I love the mess free markers…there's no worrying about marks on the walls.

02November2013 ~ A coloring while L gets her cleaning at the dentist.

Saturday morning was busy…dentist, flu shots for the girls, and a soccer game.  We had the afternoon and the girls enjoyed the warm weather.  A loves to be outdoors.

There were many laps around the playhouse for A.   Plus in and out.

L was fascinated by the rocks she collected.

Here's a video of the girls playing.