New Happenings

23November2013~ Sister love.  A enjoys getting her hair comb and let L do it.

I'll say it again...L is a GREAT BIG SISTER.  She's always there when A is upset.  Always there to give her a hug or a kiss.  At times to do both.  She helps get A ready in the morning...when A will let her.  There's lunch to be packed, socks, shoes and a coat to be put on. 

It's full blown Halloween season around her.  We were Boo-ed last night and L's so excited to hit two homes tonight.  It means running out during my lunch break to gather all the things we need. 

The carnival came this weekend and L got to spend time with Daddy going on all the rides.  This kid is not afraid of heights.

A is into the iPad now!  She gets very territorial over it.  I'm amazed by how much she knows at this much she understands.  We've also started doing time outs with her.  She gets such a bad temper when going into the time out spot, but she always seems to calm herself down before getting up.

We've been decluttering the house and gathering unused items for L's school garage sale.  It's also a good time since Christmas is just around the corner and we should probably make room for new things.  L found her DVD player in her toy chest and was into playing movies on it all weekend. 
L has her first play practice this week.   I'll try to give you an update on it after tomorrow.


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