Halloween Here We Come

16October2013~ Trying on the costume. 

The costumes are done. I had to make an adjust to Lexiloo's costume...baby has a big head.  Now they are ready for my office Halloween party. 

This weekend we decorated.  L had been  preparing to decorate the pumpkins for a couple of weeks.  She's been talking about her designs.  We had one pumpkin for the each of us which turned into all four being L's. 

The first two was completed on Sunday. The other two was for L and her friend, TT. 

L took this on her IPod.  She wanted to paint a garden scene.  TT took her pumpkin home.  L wanted all four and kept asking why TT took it home.

L had a play date on Monday while I was at work.  Dave was home with the girls.  He also had to deal with all the Moms who stopped by to pick up the baby things I was giving away. 

L said, "decorating was better with gloves."   Halloween is also her favorite holiday.  Dave chimed in, "until the next holiday"


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