At the traveling petting zoo

Fall seems to be agreeing with both girls.  L has more energy than we know what to do with and A is up to mischief.


L has become a music loving fashionista.  She and her school bus friends are teaching each today's top song by artists like One Direction, Madonna and Katy Perry.  Each time she sings them the songs stay in my head for hours..."I don't care, I love it, I love it."
This is from daycare.  Lyla had a whole story and was telling Dave all about it.

L is loving kindergarten...not that I didn't think she would.  She comes home sing and talking in Spanish.  Last night she surprised me by asking if she could go to the bathroom in Spanish.  It's good Dave can translate.  L is going to a "two way school."  The elementary school (grades K-5) is a Spanish speaking school.  80% of L's day is spoken in English.

Halloween is upon us and the Halloween parties are starting next week.  The costumes are made. Lyla is also in a play.  She will be a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz.  Practice is every Thursdays after school until the show which is in early February.  The good thing is there's two cast {over 100 kids signed up for it}  and she doesn't need to go every week.  I heard good things about the plays at L's school.  The play is done once in Spanish and then in English.

Life just agrees with L.


  1. My beautiful Lyla , I am so glad she is taking well with Spanish. Love her!!


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