Apple Picking 2013

29September2013 ~ Honey Pot Hill, Stowe, MA

We went apple picking on Sunday after L's Sunday school.  Honey Pot Hill was packed with people even at 11:00 in the morning.  I prefer Maine apple picking over Massachusetts, but L had fun.  She loved climbing the latter.  She has no fear of heights.  

Picking the apples and handing them to Daddy.

L picked for a bit and then it Dave got up there while L held the latter for him.

A just wanted and apple to eat. 

A found the apples she wanted.

Look in the background.  A is trying to climb the latter.

We took a hayride down to the animal petting area where we could buy pumpkins and there's a shop to buy goodies.  A wanted a turn in the tractor.  Last year at this time, she was in a sling.  Last year's trip is HERE.  Both girls have grown since then.

As always, L wanting the biggest pumpkins.  We didn't get pumpkins this time, but will try to get them this weekend.  L already knows what she wants to do with her two pumpkins...a garden scene on one and a scary face on the other.

L trying to get A in the photos.  A don't like L picking her up.  She screams now when L tries.   HERE's out apple trip three years ago.

L like to be picked up and A prefers to stand.

A turned 13 months olds this weekend.  Our baby is eating and sleeping well.  She loves bedtime.   She smiles every time I say it's bedtime.   She waves good night to L and Daddy and smiles as we head upstairs.

A understands almost everything we say.  When I ask her to give me something she hands it over.  She tells L when she's not happy with her.  When L touches a toy A is playing with, A will stream and pull it away.  A loves to go...when I tell her we're going she comes to me with her shoes and sits for me to put her shoes on.  Our funny, silly and verbal girl.  She just makes us smile!


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