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New Happenings

23November2013~ Sister love.  A enjoys getting her hair comb and let L do it.

I'll say it again...L is a GREAT BIG SISTER.  She's always there when A is upset.  Always there to give her a hug or a kiss.  At times to do both.  She helps get A ready in the morning...when A will let her.  There's lunch to be packed, socks, shoes and a coat to be put on. 
It's full blown Halloween season around her.  We were Boo-ed last night and L's so excited to hit two homes tonight.  It means running out during my lunch break to gather all the things we need. 

The carnival came this weekend and L got to spend time with Daddy going on all the rides.  This kid is not afraid of heights.
A is into the iPad now!  She gets very territorial over it.  I'm amazed by how much she knows at this much she understands.  We've also started doing time outs with her.  She gets such a bad temper when going into the time out spot, but she always seems to calm herself down before ge…

If Wonder Woman Had A Baby

If Wonder Woman had a baby she would look like this...strong willed attitude and all.

She did not appreciate L picking her up. 

She wanders a lot and didn't want to follow the path.

Halloween Here We Come

16October2013~ Trying on the costume. 
The costumes are done. I had to make an adjust to Lexiloo's has a big head.  Now they are ready for my office Halloween party. 

This weekend we decorated.  L had been  preparing to decorate the pumpkins for a couple of weeks.  She's been talking about her designs.  We had one pumpkin for the each of us which turned into all four being L's. 

The first two was completed on Sunday. The other two was for L and her friend, TT. 

L took this on her IPod.  She wanted to paint a garden scene.  TT took her pumpkin home.  L wanted all four and kept asking why TT took it home.

L had a play date on Monday while I was at work.  Dave was home with the girls.  He also had to deal with all the Moms who stopped by to pick up the baby things I was giving away. 
L said, "decorating was better with gloves."   Halloween is also her favorite holiday.  Dave chimed in, "until the next holiday"


At the traveling petting zoo

Fall seems to be agreeing with both girls.  L has more energy than we know what to do with and A is up to mischief.


L has become a music loving fashionista.  She and her school bus friends are teaching each today's top song by artists like One Direction, Madonna and Katy Perry.  Each time she sings them the songs stay in my head for hours..."I don't care, I love it, I love it."
This is from daycare.  Lyla had a whole story and was telling Dave all about it.

L is loving kindergarten...not that I didn't think she would.  She comes home sing and talking in Spanish.  Last night she surprised me by asking if she could go to the bathroom in Spanish.  It's good Dave can translate.  L is going to a "two way school."  The elementary school (grades K-5) is a Spanish speaking school.  80% of L's day is spoken in English.

Halloween is upon us and the Halloween parties are starting next week.  The costumes are made. Lyla i…

Apple Picking 2013

29September2013 ~ Honey Pot Hill, Stowe, MA
We went apple picking on Sunday after L's Sunday school.  Honey Pot Hill was packed with people even at 11:00 in the morning.  I prefer Maine apple picking over Massachusetts, but L had fun.  She loved climbing the latter.  She has no fear of heights.  

Picking the apples and handing them to Daddy.

L picked for a bit and then it Dave got up there while L held the latter for him.

A just wanted and apple to eat. 

A found the apples she wanted.

Look in the background.  A is trying to climb the latter.

We took a hayride down to the animal petting area where we could buy pumpkins and there's a shop to buy goodies.  A wanted a turn in the tractor.  Last year at this time, she was in a sling.  Last year's trip is HERE.  Both girls have grown since then.

As always, L wanting the biggest pumpkins.  We didn't get pumpkins this time, but will try to get them this weekend.  L already knows what she wants to do with her two pumpkins...a …