03September2013 ~ L and Daddy on the first day of school

My first baby started kindergarten last week and she was excited.  She doesn't know all the kids in her class, but I'm glad she has made one friend.  

The first day of school started with us almost missing the bus.  Mondays are tough for us and having a schedule has made us more discipline.   L picks out her clothes the night before and she and her dad discuss what he will pack her the night before.

On the first day of school, I walked L to the bus and A and I waited for her bus after school.  It was 30 minutes late that day.   Apparently, the school let the kids out late.   Because Dave and I work, L is going to daycare in the morning and after school.  The bus picks and drops her off at the daycare L and A attended this past year.  On the first day, L asked me to bring her backpack home she wanted to see her daycare friends.  The kids were excited to see her as well.

After school

When Dave picked the girls up from daycare, Dave asked L how her day was.  L told him, I didn't understand anything the teach said and I didn't make any friends.  That same night, L and I were doing dishes and I asked her how her day was and she told me she loved it and wanted to have her friend, S, over for a play date.  Dave is always saying, "she tells me NOTHING."  With L, you need to ask pointed questions.  

Tonight, I asked L what her favorite part of the day was.  She told me gym class and she got to do the weather.  What was the least favorite, "NOTHING."


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