22September2013 ~ A watching her sister play soccer.  

A lot of happenings around here.  Last week was soccer weekend...two days of soccer.  On Sunday, L started Sunday school.  L had CFF {it replaced CCD} before her soccer expo.  After the soccer expo, L played in the bouncy house then wanted to go rock climbing.  

L made it to the top this time.  

L finally lost her first tooth last weekend. After weeks of having a loose tooth, L lost her tooth and didn't realize.  She wrote the tooth fairy a note instead.  What was she excited about when L woke up...her new tooth brush.  L lost a tooth and poor A has gain 4 four more teeth.  

A and Daddy watching L play.

L's butterfly finally made it through its life cycle.  We let it go on Sunday.  She's already talking about getting more.


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