From Team 14 to The Tigers

 07September2013 ~ High Five from a Proud Daddy {love these two}

Soccer started last weekend and L loves it.  It's a big change from last year when she cried because she had to wear a scrimmage jersey.  Dave is so proud of his girl..."she has skills."  

Dave is serious about teaching L the game.  We had to get a soccer net so L could practice kicking and scoring.    He talked about going out and running around the block.  L asked to do it last night while I was at work.  Since last night he has been saying, "you should see her run."  

L made the correlation, "I'm 17 and my bus is 17."  The kids are not allowed to pick their number.

Our girl scored.  In L's age group, the only score keeping are done by the parents.

Team 14 becoming The Tigers.


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