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22September2013 ~ A watching her sister play soccer.  

A lot of happenings around here.  Last week was soccer weekend...two days of soccer.  On Sunday, L started Sunday school.  L had CFF {it replaced CCD} before her soccer expo.  After the soccer expo, L played in the bouncy house then wanted to go rock climbing.  

L made it to the top this time.  

L finally lost her first tooth last weekend. After weeks of having a loose tooth, L lost her tooth and didn't realize.  She wrote the tooth fairy a note instead.  What was she excited about when L woke up...her new tooth brush.  L lost a tooth and poor A has gain 4 four more teeth.  

A and Daddy watching L play.

L's butterfly finally made it through its life cycle.  We let it go on Sunday.  She's already talking about getting more.

Rock Climbing

16September2013 ~ Rock Climbing at REI
After a picnic in the park with other MOMs of Framingham families we made it to REI.  L has been waiting for a few years to be able to climb the walls.  There's a mininum age and height requirement.  Our little climber picked it up fast.  After the first try {she made it up a few steps}, there was a big improvement.  L had three turns before A needed to get home for her nap.  A was a trooper waiting around for L.  

 Thumbs up after her first time up.

Here's a video of her climb.

L wants to go back next week and have 8 turns.


08September2013~ celebrating Life at I and R's birthday party, Plymouth
Tonight's Conversations with L.  
Me: Should we go to church tomorrow? L: Why? Me: We go to church then you'll go to CCD.   L:  What is CCD? Me:  It's school to learn about God and Jesus.  L:  Did God and Jesus make this Earth? Me: Some people believe they did.  Other people believe their own God made the Earth.  Some people believe it's about science.  It's okay if we all believe in a different God. L:  I believe in God.  Me: I'm glad.  Daddy believes in his own God.  L:  Well maybe Daddy needs to go to church.

From Team 14 to The Tigers

07September2013 ~ High Five from a Proud Daddy {love these two}
Soccer started last weekend and L loves it.  It's a big change from last year when she cried because she had to wear a scrimmage jersey.  Dave is so proud of his girl..."she has skills."  

Dave is serious about teaching L the game.  We had to get a soccer net so L could practice kicking and scoring.    He talked about going out and running around the block.  L asked to do it last night while I was at work.  Since last night he has been saying, "you should see her run."  

L made the correlation, "I'm 17 and my bus is 17."  The kids are not allowed to pick their number.

Our girl scored.  In L's age group, the only score keeping are done by the parents.

Team 14 becoming The Tigers.


03September2013 ~ L and Daddy on the first day of school

My first baby started kindergarten last week and she was excited.  She doesn't know all the kids in her class, but I'm glad she has made one friend.  

The first day of school started with us almost missing the bus.  Mondays are tough for us and having a schedule has made us more discipline.   L picks out her clothes the night before and she and her dad discuss what he will pack her the night before.

On the first day of school, I walked L to the bus and A and I waited for her bus after school.  It was 30 minutes late that day.   Apparently, the school let the kids out late.   Because Dave and I work, L is going to daycare in the morning and after school.  The bus picks and drops her off at the daycare L and A attended this past year.  On the first day, L asked me to bring her backpack home she wanted to see her daycare friends.  The kids were excited to see her as well.

After school
When Dave picked the girls up from day…

Parson's Beach

01September2013 ~ Parson's Beach, Kennebunk

On Sunday, while visiting Ba Nguoi we headed to the beach.  Ba Nguoi loves to go fishing during the summer months.  L loves the beach and wanted her bathing suits.  Unfortunately, the beach was not part of the plan.

Auntie Dang and the girls
Cousins Nguyen

The beach has very few parking spots so parked on Brown Street and walked the 1/2 mile to the beach.  The location is beautiful.  L was hot so she rode on the front of the stroller.  A kept trying to push her off.

She was a hot, tired, mess, but is still beautiful.

Pop-Up Playscapes

31August2013 ~ Pop-Up Playscape, Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine 

While in Maine this past weekend, the girls, Ba Noi and I went to the Pop-Up Playscapes event hosted by the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine.  The event which is described as a meet up, "to build the ultimate fort-meets-sculpture-meets-homemade-playground."

We teamed up with a boy name Tree and his mother to build a castle-meets-mad-science-lab-meets-motherboard-meets-spaceship.

 Tree and L

It was the perfect location on the Eastern Promenade in Portland for the event.  We went for a little walk after we were done.