Summer Happenings

14Aug2013 ~ Summer Fun, Character Day at Daycare.  Arie and Belle
Summer happening.   Busy summer  = happy kids.  Summer birthday parties, play dates, beach trips, water play and running around with the other children in the neighborhood. 
I haven't downloaded photos from my camera so here are a few photos from my Instagram account. 
Tinker Bell made an appearance.
02Aug2013 ~ L and I stopped in Burlington on our way home from her week in Maine
20July2013 ~ Wellesely July Jubilation
Music in Motion
Baby A before daycare
 Neighborhood Block Party

Baby A at 11 months...time flies.  A turns 1 in two weeks.

Having fun before daycare.  She is fun and a funny little baby.

 Many many trips to Target and A looking like a big girl.


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