One Years Old

28August2013 ~ Our 1 Year Old

It's amazing how much has changed and how time has flown fly.  One year ago today, our little peanut entered out lives packed with personality.  Dave still says, "she entered the world pissed off and she still is."

A might think her name is "Hey You!" It's L's favorite saying when addressing A.  L says it throughout the day.  Plus, a lot of other big sister phrase...pest is one of them.  A is funny and seems to have no fear.  She loves to climb and is not very cautious, as L was.    

We get a kick out of her responses to us right now.  You ask her a question and it's a a nod or shake of the head.  When in her high chair, it's always a node.


I love L's outfit.  I asked her to find something nice to wear.  At first she asked me what it should be, but came outside with a coordinating outfit.

A's accessories are borrowed from L.  The headband and necklace belong to L, but is perfect.

There are not a lot of photos of the two girls in this photo session.  A was tired and didn't want to participate.

We pulled out the chairs hoping to get her interested.  A was interested but only climbing up and down.


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