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One Years Old

28August2013 ~ Our 1 Year Old
It's amazing how much has changed and how time has flown fly.  One year ago today, our little peanut entered out lives packed with personality.  Dave still says, "she entered the world pissed off and she still is."

A might think her name is "Hey You!" It's L's favorite saying when addressing A.  L says it throughout the day.  Plus, a lot of other big sister phrase...pest is one of them.  A is funny and seems to have no fear.  She loves to climb and is not very cautious, as L was.    

We get a kick out of her responses to us right now.  You ask her a question and it's a a nod or shake of the head.  When in her high chair, it's always a node.

I love L's outfit.  I asked her to find something nice to wear.  At first she asked me what it should be, but came outside with a coordinating outfit.

A's accessories are borrowed from L.  The headband and necklace belong to L, but is perfect.

There are not a lot of p…

Play date

24August2013 ~ Summer's ending play date.
Before L starts kindergarten, I thought it would be nice for her to have a play date with her friends.  It was a girls luncheon.   All the decorations are from L's 4th birthday.   We blew up some balloons, had Dave bring the table out for us and cut some of our neighbor's flower.  If it was in our yard, I figured it was fair game. 

The girls had peanut butter sandwiches cut in butterfly shapes, carrots, cheese puffs, grapes and cupcakes.  After some play they had ice cream sundaes.  

T, L and N

It was a long day, but a great day.  After the play date, we headed to L's hair appointment.  A was great, letting the girls play.  

Many Expressions of A

The many expression of A...the wind up. Yes, she is getting ready to throw this.  Her temper gets the best of her.  It's, "if I can't have it, you can't either." A thinks she's so funny.  She thought this was funny She has a "wicked" sense of humor Her thinking pose Getting Happy
The happiest of happy pose.  This is typical A.  Yeah! Yeah! followed by arm waves.  Up and Down. All the silliness.  She'll be a 1 year old in 5 days!  My babyx2!

Beach Day

17June2013 ~ Confidence...Pine Point Beach
It was the perfect day for the beach while we were in Maine this past weekend.  L loves jumping and "riding the waves."  A was content to just sit in the sand and play.

Happy Baby

Big Sister

Smiles for Mommy

A's frist experience with the ocean.

L loves her baby sister

After two hours at the beach A needed a nap.

Summer Happenings

14Aug2013 ~ Summer Fun, Character Day at Daycare.  Arie and Belle Summer happening.   Busy summer  = happy kids.  Summer birthday parties, play dates, beach trips, water play and running around with the other children in the neighborhood.  I haven't downloaded photos from my camera so here are a few photos from my Instagram account.  Tinker Bell made an appearance. 02Aug2013 ~ L and I stopped in Burlington on our way home from her week in Maine 20July2013 ~ Wellesely July Jubilation Music in Motion Baby A before daycare  Neighborhood Block Party
Baby A at 11 months...time flies.  A turns 1 in two weeks.
Having fun before daycare.  She is fun and a funny little baby.
 Many many trips to Target and A looking like a big girl.