Story Land Day 1

04July2013 - Enjoying a swing from Daddy, North Conway

Our Fourth of July week started with Maine.  After Maine, we headed to Storyland in Glen, NH for a few days.  Day one started with a stop in North Conway to play in the park before heading to Storyland.  Baby A got to swing and L ran through the water.

I love her expression in this photo

And, this expression on L.  From here we headed to Storyland.  Day One, we always head for the rides L wants to ride one.  This is a big step for L, who does not like to get water in or near her eyes.

L wanted to stay in her bathing suit...even telling me she wanted to wear only a bathing suit the next day.  She likes to be naked.


When the park closed, we checked in to the hotel, had dinner and then headed for the pool.
Baby A loves the water.  She was going towards the pool's edge even if no one was there to catch her...she wanted in.


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