11 Months Old

27July2013 ~ 11 months old
Baby A turned 11 months old yesterday, the 28th.  One month away from having a 1 year old in the house.   A few days before Baby A's 11 month birthday we saw the emergence of her top two teeth.  That's 4 teeth in month 10. 
A is now standing, taking a couple of steps on her own and talking away.  Her favorite pass time is eating Cheerios, bananas, and playing catch.  She loves it when I say, "I'm coming to get you."  She looks at me, smiles, squeals and starts to crawl the other way.  If there happens to be something in her hand {which is almost always} she gets excited, the things goes flying.  If not, she gets so excited trying to quickly get away she does a belly flop.

Our happy baby...who is also Daddy's little girl.  Baby A goes searching for Dave and when he leaves the house she gets upset.  She may also have Dave's engineering mind.  She loves to put thing back together.  The cap to her bottle...the cap/lid to any bottle.  She's keenly watching everything we do.


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