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11 Months Old

27July2013 ~ 11 months old Baby A turned 11 months old yesterday, the 28th.  One month away from having a 1 year old in the house.   A few days before Baby A's 11 month birthday we saw the emergence of her top two teeth.  That's 4 teeth in month 10.  A is now standing, taking a couple of steps on her own and talking away.  Her favorite pass time is eating Cheerios, bananas, and playing catch.  She loves it when I say, "I'm coming to get you."  She looks at me, smiles, squeals and starts to crawl the other way.  If there happens to be something in her hand {which is almost always} she gets excited, the things goes flying.  If not, she gets so excited trying to quickly get away she does a belly flop.

Our happy baby...who is also Daddy's little girl.  Baby A goes searching for Dave and when he leaves the house she gets upset.  She may also have Dave's engineering mind.  She loves to put thing back together.  The cap to her bottle...the cap/lid to any bottle…

Sister Laughs

20July2013 ~ Water Play

Last weekend's water play was actually play for A.  She enjoyed her water table.  It was one of L's Birthday request for A.  She was giving one of her gifts to A, but it had to be a water table.

The girls shared a lot of laughs.  L loved making A laugh.  
I think they will miss each other next when L heads to Maine for a week's visit with her cousins and Ba and Ong Noi.  L asked if A could go with her.  A looks for L after each nap.  There's always a bright smile waiting for L as we walk down the stairs.  A smile and a wave.


18July2013 ~ Costume day It's costume day at daycare.  L reminds me as we head out the door.  She runs upstairs to find sometime to wear.  She says she's a butterfly ballerina.  Then when we get to daycare, she tells me she and A are fairies instead. 
A is not feeling the wings.  Poor baby has been sick for about a week now.  We dread hand, foot and mouth disease.  L and Dave had it a couple of years ago, but it's worse for A.  She's starting to act more like herself...on the move. 
L loves matching her and A's outfit and picked out the shirt for the two of them.

L wore this costume in 2011.   Today she's updated the look with 

This is the look in 2011

Story Land Day 2

05July2013 ~ Day 2 of Story Land

Day 2 was a more relaxed day.  L's favorite was the Polar Coaster.  She went on this three times on day  2.  Poor Dave had to go with her.  L wanted to go on the rides all by herself, but she just wasn't tall enough.  There were a couple of rides where she could sit by herself with one of us in the back seat.  

We visited Cinderella's castle.  L was disappointed to find out Cinderella was on break.

It was a hot day, but manageable.   Baby A was incredibly patient.  Her favorite part of the day was the Hawaiian ice cone and the sprinkler.  She and I played at sprinklers while Dave and Lyla went on another ride.

Ice cream break to cool down, plus it's L's favorite...chocolate ice cream.

Another of L's favorite rides...antique cars.

L was not a fan of this ride two years ago, but got off laughing.  Two years ago she didn't not like water being sprayed on her.  She loved it it year!

One of the last things we did before leaving …