Graduation - Pre K

She graduation from Pre-K today.  There was orientation at her new school about three weeks ago and now it's onto Kindergarten in September.

It was all about L and her friends...I'm going to miss the group of girls in her class.  Framingham has 7 elementary schools and none of L's friends are going to the one we chose for her.   I'm not too worried about her making new friends, but she did bound quickly with this class.

L and her friend, D.

Proud Daddy

 L and A

 Ba and Ong Noi

L and C 

 L and her Teacher, Mrs. B.

 L and T...There are others girls, but I didn't get them all

There was Baby A time as well.  I wanted a photo of all us, but she chose this day to take a nap.

Good Luck Class of 2026


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