Birthday Party - Time to Be Animals

Here's the second part to L's birthday party.  After the kids were done holding the rabbit and hanging out they moved on to cotton candy, cake, chocolate lollypops and pizza.

I'm so proud of my girl for making friends so easily and bonding with them quickly.

Cotton candy...everyone except the birthday girl.  L doesn't like cotton candy, but the kids went in for seconds and I think some went in for third helpings.

Baby A was a trooper.  She hung out with Ba and Ong Noi.  L keeps asking where we're going to have A's party.  She didn't like my answer that it would probably be with just family.  

L wanted a rainbow cake for her party.  I loved how it turned out {it was good too, Ong Noi/George approved}.

L said bye to all her friends by showing them how strong she is.

She picked all the boys up, but the boys had a hard time picking her up.  

L had a blast.  The photos make me smile knowing she had a great birthday party.  June is almost over and I'm glad for it...the birthday month is almost over.


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