Birthday Party - Animal Time

22June2013 ~ Celebrating L's 5th birthday at Lil Folk Farm

It looked like all the kids had a blast at L's 5th birthday was a "Barnyard Bash." It started out with pony rides followed by animal petting, feeding and grooming.  From there it was cotton candy, signing Happy Birthday and then Pizza.  The two hours went by very quickly.

This is 1 of 2 posts on the party.  The first was about the animals and the second are of the kids being animals which could be due to the sugar rush.

The birthday girl had three turns on the pony and lead the kids back to the stable.  It was all about her and she loved it.

It was a feeding frenzy.

The kids got to hold a chicken and the Mommy rabbit.

All the kids loved each other and were constantly hugging or holding one another.

Rabbit time


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