10 Months Old

29July2013 ~ A turned 10 months old yesterday.

Ten months old with two teeth and on the move.  Dave calls her "Wreck It Ralph."  She will wreck anything and everything in seconds.  She loves the bathroom...toilet.  We catch her in there and when we try to get her out, she's holding on to the toilet bowl and won't let go.

She is a social baby.  There's a wave of hello every morning when we come down the stairs and a good bye for her friends at daycare.

A still takes two naps a day for about two hours at a time {when she's home}.  At daycare there's too much going on and so it's two 1/2 hour naps there.

A is sleeping through most nights.

She's so curious right now.  She inspects everything.  And climbing...she's every where.

For the most part, she's a happy and mellow baby.  She a compliments big sister, L.


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