12May2013 ~ no photos, Mommy 

I asked Dave how pick up was tonight.  He tells me he was horrified.  Dave was putting A in her car seat.  When he turned around he sees L and another little girl with their shirt up bellybutting one another.   I don't think bellybutting is a real word, but it's like headbutting except its with the belly. 

I can only laugh because it think it will only get worse.  It will either be L or A.  A who is into everything.  A who makes diaper changeing a nightmare.  A who tortures her father.  The moment you put her down to change her diaper she is rolling over and when you try to hold her down she starts to scream.  Not sure if I wrote this before, but even daycare has a hard time with her.  There are times when they need two teachers to change her diaper. 

16May2013 ~ no clothes, Mommy
This little wonderful baby makes me smile even when she's at her worse.  A is now doing raspberries, waving hi and mimicing single words.  She constantly repeats Dada and Lala.


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