9 Months Old

 27May2013 ~ I want my treats

Baby A turned 9 months old today.   In one month, A has grown a lot.   I'm not sure she's gained any weight, but she's strong.  

It takes no effort for her to pull herself up.  Last week A started working on her two bottom teeth.   This past weekend she was moving in the walker and took steps using a push train.   

A loves! PUFFS!  She loves finger food, but prefers it be on the move.

 She's saying, "hi Mommy."  

When she wants to roam, there's no stopping her.  A responds to her name and when I ask her to come her, she stops, smiles and goes the other way.  

Sleep...I am happy to say A is sleeping through most nights.  She prefers food over milk right now which might be why I don't think she has gained much weight.


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