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Laugh Colin

27May2013 ~ L keeping C company
Sweet L loves babies and littles kids.  She's good with them...maybe at times a little in their face, but for the most part the best big sister and cousin.  She'll always take care of her little sister and I am can see a future of this.

Laughing Colin from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


Alexa is Walking from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.
29May2013 ~ I mentioned in an earlier post A was starting to walk.  She is getting good at it.  Big sister L is all over her.
Here's L at the beginning of her 9 month.

Girl Time

25May2013 ~ Cousin I
We had a family gathering at our house on Saturday before Van and Tuan move to North Carolina.

L wanted to dress up for the party.  She put this outfit on in the morning.  Cousin arrived and wanted to dress up as well.

L waited all day for cousin I so they could play!  We didn't hear from them the whole time cousin I was at the house.  

9 Months Old

27May2013 ~ I want my treats
Baby A turned 9 months old today.   In one month, A has grown a lot.   I'm not sure she's gained any weight, but she's strong.  
It takes no effort for her to pull herself up.  Last week A started working on her two bottom teeth.   This past weekend she was moving in the walker and took steps using a push train.   

A loves! PUFFS!  She loves finger food, but prefers it be on the move.
 She's saying, "hi Mommy."  
When she wants to roam, there's no stopping her.  A responds to her name and when I ask her to come her, she stops, smiles and goes the other way.  
Sleep...I am happy to say A is sleeping through most nights.  She prefers food over milk right now which might be why I don't think she has gained much weight.


We started the garden early this year and from seeds.  D was over for a play date so L enlisted help from her friend.

I figure if it doesn't work out {I'll give it a couple of weeks} we'll start over with plants.  We'll still have plenty of time.

The girls were fascinated by worms and bugs.  They went on and on about them.  They both talked about getting caterpillars so they can watch it's life cycle.

 D wanted L to spray her.
They had a blast and wanted to keep going, but I coaxed them in the house for a bit with cookies.


12May2013 ~ no photos, Mommy 
I asked Dave how pick up was tonight.  He tells me he was horrified.  Dave was putting A in her car seat.  When he turned around he sees L and another little girl with their shirt up bellybutting one another.   I don't think bellybutting is a real word, but it's like headbutting except its with the belly. 

I can only laugh because it think it will only get worse.  It will either be L or A.  A who is into everything.  A who makes diaper changeing a nightmare.  A who tortures her father.  The moment you put her down to change her diaper she is rolling over and when you try to hold her down she starts to scream.  Not sure if I wrote this before, but even daycare has a hard time with her.  There are times when they need two teachers to change her diaper. 

16May2013 ~ no clothes, Mommy This little wonderful baby makes me smile even when she's at her worse.  A is now doing raspberries, waving hi and mimicing single words.  She constantly repeats …


12May2013 ~ Summer Fruit
The summer months means this house always has watermelon.  L loves to create shapes before eating hers.  A now enjoys them.  She bites then sucks on the juices before spitting the rest out. 


04May2013 ~ Enjoying the warm
We spent most of Saturday outdoors.  Baby A loved it.  She is on the move and loved having her feet on the grass and exploring.  The neighbors stopped by to visit and catch up.

With assistance from Mommy and Daddy there was a lot of walk.  But, not just walking but cruising on her own.  Baby A is pulling herself up.  This means pulling herself up in her crib and refusing to sleep.  She stands in her crib and throws the few toys she has in it over enjoying the action.