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8 Months Old

27April2013 ~ 8 months old
Baby L was  8 months old yesterday.  She is our joy.  She is moving everywhere now and starting to pull herself up.  My current favorite is how she says hi.  She give you a big smile and waves her arms.  When she comes down in the morning, she looks around for her Dave and L.  She smiles and waves her arm giving them a good morning hi.  She is the sweetest thing.

28April2013 ~ Sisters, Maine
Hi You from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


27April2013 ~ Love in Maine

Morning Brightness

26April2013 ~ All Bright
She's the happiest baby in the morning and a roamer.  She plays with her toys for a bit then she's every where.

She crawls with one knee on the floor and her leg straight. 

 Love her smile!

Red Sox

21April2013 ~ Pre-game happiness. 
We took the girls to a Red Sox game on Sunday.   With what happened on Marathon Monday, security was tighter with police presence throughout Boston and at Fenway Park.  Everyone's spirits in the Park was light.  L was excited pointing at everything.  She told me A and I missed the wave.

Dave was patient explaining the game to L.  The talked about things in the Park and how they were going to research it when they got home.   L is very into numbers and wants to know what each one means on the board.

I'm not sure where L gets all her energy.  Prior to going to the game, she attended a birthday party where she ran around for an hour and a half.

Easter Sunday

31March2013 ~ L loves these chairs at Uncle Hai and Aunt Dolly's house.
Last of the Easter photos.  Just hanging out and Easter hunt galore for L.

Taylor and Paige {my nieces}.  Baby A looks a lot like Paige {in the Turqouise dress} when she was a baby . Daddy and his girls A and Auntie Dang
Our Host
The girls showing L how to play the Xbox.

A and her expressions

A and Uncle Hai
Easter Egg Hunt L loved hanging out with the older kids.

From my brother's house to Ba and Ong Noi's house.
Third egg hunt Hill Cousins
All these photos seem so long ago.  Baby A is now a moving active baby who wants to eat real food.

Easter Hunt

31March2013, Easter Morning in Maine..pure delight.

For L it's all about the Easter Egg Hunt the Easter Bunny left her.  For A it was all about the plastic eggs.