Six Month Alexa

 03March2013 ~ Six months old

Poor A started her six month with a fever.   She slept it off {during the day}.  We're working on the night sleep.  The frequent night wakings continue {3-4 times a night}.  Six month and A is still telling us exactly what she wants and when she wants it.  If she's tired, she wants to go to bed and in her crib.  If she wants to be left alone she lets us know.  Even daycare has noticed this.  

I gave her Mum Mums for the first time today and she LOVED it!  She was all over wasn't L.   Pears are her favorite food and we're going to start to supplement her daytime feeding with formula. My supply of frozen milk has finally run out.  The doctor thinks this may help with sleep even though as a doctor he would like most of her feeding to be breast milk.    

Our little peanut is gaining weight...not much.  She was 16.4 oz {gaining 1 lb in 2 months} and 26 inches.  It puts her in the 30th percentile for weight and the 50th for height.  And, of course, her head measurements are pretty much off the charts.  The doctor asked if big heads ran in the family...yes, L had it too.  Dave jokes that she really didn't gain any's all in her head.

 She loves her Sophie the Giraffe.  She's also eyeing the remote and is constantly lunging for it.  Her favorite alone time spot is the jumparoo.  Dave watched her yesterday and noticed she jumps up and down and then pulls her feet up so she's bouncing.

 L and A...there's a bond there.  

We had a hard time taking Sophie away and when we did her hands went instantly to her mouth.  She loves to suck on her index and middle finger while holding a blanket.  Give her a blanket and it will usually calm her down.  She puts it right up to her face.  I have to check on her in the crib because at times she puts it over her head.  She won't sleep without her blanket.  She rolling over and now starting to sleep on her belly.  She's a mover.  At times I found her 180 degrees from here I put her and other with her feet or hands through the railing of her crib fast sleep.

I love this picture of the girls...Can you hear L telling A to pay attention?!?  Focus and look at the camera.  Of course, A is doing her own thing.


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