Big Apple Circus

 16March2013 ~ Big Apple Circus, New Jersey.  Dave, L and A are in the bottom left of the photo.

We spent the weekend in NJ for Colin's Baptism...getting got up real early on Saturday so we could make it to the Big Apple Circus with our family.

I remember going to the circus years ago, but nothing like this.  The venue was small and it gave you the old time feel.  Everyone had a blast.

Baby A feel asleep during it.

L and L were captivated the whole time.

It made for a long day driving to NJ and attending the circus but well worth it.  By the end of the night A was still bouncing off the walls, but...

Baby A just wanted to curl up in her blanket with her hands in her mouth.

I love that she knows when she wants to be by herself and can self soothe.


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