Ba Ngoai

09March2013 ~ time with Ba Ngoai
My mother was down for a couple of hours on Saturday.  It was just a stop before heading to New Jersey to visit with her sister.  My brother bought to down to our house and my sister picked her up to bring her to New Jersey.

Baby A got a lot of attention and love.  She is such a good natured baby she'll smile for you and make you fall in love!

L is a seasoned "photo taker".  She has her poses all worked out. 

This weekend was such a slow paced weekend for us, I took tons of photos which I'll be sharing through out the week.  Slow paced as in we didn't have to be any where at a certain time.   It's the opposite of the next few weeks as we head to New Jersey for a Baptism, attend another birthday party and head to Maine for Easter. 


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