7 Months Old

Our little funny bunny is 7 months old today....I can hardly believe it.  In a month’s time, she had developed so much.   She’s much steadier now and starting to crawl.  It’s the army crawl, but she gets around when she wants something.  Another thing is going from laying to sitting up.   She is still the most content baby.  There are still no teeth, but you know it’s hurting her.  At those moments she wants to be held which is uncharacteristic of her.  Even taking a bottle is painful. She tries to drink from the side and when it’s finally empty just chews on the nipple.

Oh how she loves finger food. The problem with finger food is she takes handfuls and tries to stuff the whole thing in her mouth and swallow.  She starts to choke on the thing.  When you take it away because she can’t take it slow she goes into a wailing fit.
I love that she looks for L.  They both make each other smile.  L can get a little bossy and at times acts like the Mom.  I’m thinking to myself…Good Lord, she sounds like me.

 Love this of the girls.  L focused on finding something on the tv and A, she's ready for bed. 


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