23February2013 ~ Celebrating another friend's birthday...L had loads of fun.  

A pool party in the middle of the winter!  She smiled the whole time.

Water run.  She crawled it the first time, but the second time she was much braver.

Ball matching

Free play

The smile says it all.  Another thing to add to her party list.  Each time we attend a party, she wants a party just like it for her birthday.  Plus the listing off of the next friend's birthday.  Birthday parties must be on the top of the Pre-K list of things to talk about.

Baby A went for the ride...she's pretty comfortable just hanging out and being patient.

Then cake with an ice cream bar.  L also wants a princess cake just like her friend.

At the end of the day, before bed L still had to do her chores.  She does it with style.  Putting away laundry with a smile and bunny ears.   Easter is fast approaching...one of my favorite kids holidays!


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