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23February2013 ~ Celebrating another friend's birthday...L had loads of fun.  
A pool party in the middle of the winter!  She smiled the whole time.

Water run.  She crawled it the first time, but the second time she was much braver.
Water Run from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.
Ball matching
Free play

The smile says it all.  Another thing to add to her party list.  Each time we attend a party, she wants a party just like it for her birthday.  Plus the listing off of the next friend's birthday.  Birthday parties must be on the top of the Pre-K list of things to talk about.

Baby A went for the ride...she's pretty comfortable just hanging out and being patient.

Then cake with an ice cream bar.  L also wants a princess cake just like her friend.

At the end of the day, before bed L still had to do her chores.  She does it with style.  Putting away laundry with a smile and bunny ears.   Easter is fast of my favorite kids holidays!

L's Hair Cut

16February2013 ~ post salon haircut
We're supposed to get hit with another snow storm this weekend which reminds me to post what happened the last time we had storm...the storm which dumped more than 30 inches of snow in Framingham.  The storm that closed daycare for two days so the kids were home for fours days with us.   What do they say about idle time?!?  Yes, we all know.

Idle time for L means hours of trying to keep her entertained.  We baked, made Valentines cards, played in the snow, had a tea party, play some more and then L cut her hair.  She cut her hair!  Then she cried about it.   Dave asked her how she did it.  She told her she put her head down and just cut all around.
09February2013 ~ Post L cutting her own hair.  She wanted her long hair back.
 What we found when we went upstairs to her room...along with hair all over the floor.

L added layers all around her head and gave herself bangs.
 She wore a lot of barrettes for 7 days until we went to get her haircut.


10February2013 ~ post hair cut

L made treats for her was their "Sweet Heart" party today.
 It was fun, easy and was yummy.    It didn't need to do help much.

L had to change her shirt because she got chocolate all over the other one.
 I thought just hearts would be nice, but L had other ideas...hearts, flowers and butterfly.
 Baby A played.
 She is a very content, happy and mellow baby.

Final product
Happy Valentine's Day!  Love to you all.

Tea Party

08February2013 ~ It was a tea party after some snow play.

A couldn't have tea but had to have milk because she is a baby.  Milk and bananas for Baby A.

A didn't care.  She was just happy to be apart of it. She had enough and wanted out.  We have to strap her in because if she wants out, she wants out.  She would have lifted herself out.


09February2013 ~ Snow Fun
Framingham had over 30 inches of snow from Nemo. There was a lot of play time outside and each time there was hot chocolate.

Valentines Cards

08February2013 ~ pre do it yourself hair cut...more to come in another post
With us trapped in the house {Blizzard Nemo}, L made Valentines cards for her friends.  

A was an on-looker.  She'll be making her own soon enough.

A also had breakfast while L worked on her cards.

Finished product