19January2013 ~ A happy greeting's in the morning

Our weekend was filled with entertaining L, basketball and lack of sleep.  Dave is at home with the girls today...Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr, and I'm at work feeling tired.  Why?

A is teething and feels it I suspected. It made for a long night and a tired baby and Mommy. I didn't know how exhausting a teething baby could be. L, as a baby seemed to take teething in stride. A feels it and tells me. She fusses while nursing...pulling away and crying. It got to the point where I had to thaw frozen breast milks so she could drink it from a bottle {I was worried she wasn't getting enough}.

Other signs of teething...she drools like a faucet, bites her lower lips, does raspberries with her lips trying to talk to me and she doesn't sleep. There's no scientific study on this, but with L she had a red bum when she was teething. I am seeing it will A. Sleep is a big one. Last night was exhausting...A woke every 45 minutes to an hour. Poor thing needed comfort and wanted to be held.

19January2013 ~ L loves to go say good morning to A.  She is the best big sister.
19January2013 ~ Evening feeding.  L thinks she is feeding A, but she usually has A hold her own bottle.
20January2013 ~ relaxing Sunday morning.
20Janaury2013 ~ Relaxing became harder. 


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