12January2013 ~ L enjoying herself at a friend's birthday party.
L and Dave are so much a like.  At around 4:30 am this morning Baby A was crying.  If she's fussing at night I wait to see if she goes back to sleep.  "A" whimpered twice and on the thrid time {crying}, I was getting up to get her.  L walks into our room and says, "Mommy, there's an angry baby in there."  She makes me smile with the things that come out of her mouth.  Even at 4:30 in the morning she's quick.
Dave...Dave did drop off this morning because I had an early meeting.  I get this text from him, "Lexi was feisty this morning arcing her back when I tried to put her in the car seat."
The two of them!  Yes, A lets you know how she feels.  Yes, she doesn't like to be strapped in to anything.


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